Lore Stream of Magic

Lore magic, or Climajea?, is one of the Five Streams of Magic in Shijuren. It manipulates the power in knowledge and history. Most languages have their own term for a Lore magician, but the Imperial term of clikurios (pl. clikurioi) is accepted across the world.

The past influences the future, and a clikurios shapes that energy. The most subtle of all the Five Streams, clikurioi tend to think in longer terms than nearly anyone else. They see potentialities in people and items, and can influence their target to reach one of those potentials, though this often takes significant time and is not necessarily a sure destination.

The more knowledge a clikurios has, the more potentiality they can see, and hence the more they can influence their targets. The most prominent collection of clikurioi in Shijuren are the Readers. Though not every Reader is a clikurios, the Climajea is the clear focus of their order. This means that their strongest kurioi have at their hand that great pool of knowledge, making them extraordinarily powerful. It is this power that prompts the Readers to take and live up to their obscure oaths that essentially force them to remain neutral.

In many cases, clikurioi do not even need to use magic to influence events. They are in great demand as advisors and can change the future simply by this sort of normal influence.

Other Terms for Clikurioi

Notable Clikurioi

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